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Mala tanzt

Mala is different, she’s not like the other children. She doesn’t want to abide by her ballet teacher’s strict rules and she can’t seem to behave like everyone expects her to. Yet growing up she notices, if she wants to fit in, she has to change and realizes how easy it is to lose yourself. Will she ever find her way back to the passionate and crazy child within?

Best Film - GirlsGoMovie 2017
1st prize - Videografika 2017
2nd prize - Goldener Hirsch 2017

©2017 by Ella Knorz


In „Capture“ the from technical devices dependent human meets Mother Nature and all her fluent phenomenons. He tries to capture nature's beauty, but fails.

ZONTA International Award - Jung und abgedreht 2018

©2017 by Ella Knorz

girl in the mirror

Following all the beautiful people on social networks like Snapchat and Instagram, princess C. finds it hard to accept her true self. She succumbs to the peer pressure of her generation to look impeccable at all hours of the day and works hard to change her look to fit in with the main stream ideal of beauty. But not everything that glitters is gold. In her latest film Ella Knorz has taken an unashamed look at the plight of her generation living with the ever omnipresent displays of perfection through social media, which aren't as real as they seem. It is a moving and loving critique of her own generation in a bid to give relief and hope that it doesn't need to be this way. 

1st Prize - Clipaward International Low & No Budget Festival 2016
1st Prize - Tiefenschaerfe 2017
Girlsjuryprize - GirlsGoMovie 2016
Best cast - Jugendfilmpreis 2016

Nominated for the German Newcomer Award 2017

©2016 by Ella Knorz


Frank Wedekind's piece "Fruehlings Erwachen" was performed in 2015/16 by the drama group RAMY and the band CØNE. The films were part of an video installation live on stage.

Nominated for the "Theatertreffen der Jugend im Rahmen der Berliner Festspiele 2016"

©2015 by Ella Knorz